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Years 7 to 8

Superb preparation for secondary school.


From Year 7, our students study English, Maths, Science, Humanities, Technology, Māori, French, Music, Drama, Art, Health, PE, Philosophy and Religious Studies (PRS). There are many opportunities for enrichment, extension and accelerated learning in each of these areas. 

At Year 7 and 8 our students are encouraged to become more independent learners and to take responsibility for their own timetables, homework and the organisation of their personal belongings in readiness for secondary school. They learn how to gather and analyse information and make informed decisions.

They move around amongst specialist classrooms, where they are taught by specialist teachers, and they sit exams (as they will do at secondary school).

Every Year 7 and 8 student at St George’s is issued with a surface, which carries with it a myriad of benefits and some responsibilities.

Once again, St George’s is at the forefront of developing and implementing modern teaching practices. We are the first school in Wanganui, and one of the first in New Zealand, to introduce personal technology devices for every student at intermediate level.

It is a privilege to watch our senior students develop into confident, independent learners, who are creative and innovative thinkers. It’s all about providing them with the tools they need for success at secondary school and their lives beyond school, in order to be happy, responsible and productive citizens in tomorrow’s world.