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“A group of like-minded parents working together to help the school in whatever way they can.”

Stephanie Durning
PFA Chairman


The St George’s PFA is a link between the school and the parents, and acts as a main point of contact where information can be exchanged and obtained. The PFA plays a major role in fundraising for special projects and vital equipment etc while working to maintain the “family friendly” and “friend-raising” atmosphere of the school and parent body. A key role is assisting meeting and building friendships within our extended St George’s family. We offer support and a host events - including family days and picnics, and support school when it hosts events such as sports and open days etc.



We enjoy many events and fundraisers throughout the year; Sausage Sizzles, Quiz and Auction nights, and in the past, Trail Bike rides and Garden Rambles. We are keen to hear new ideas and look forward to new parents and families joining the PFA.

Our PFA also works to promote the uniqueness that is St Georges. This is done by supporting the school, pupils and staff in building and maintaining the St George’s focus of developing each child as an individual, and offering opportunities for all. The PFA supports and funds various programmes, equipment and events for the benefit of our children, which include: Mathletics and CO2 dragsters the annual Winter Reading Challenge (badges and prizes), the surface tablets available now in our junior classes, and classroom equipment such as computer equipment, games, books.

We also believe the environment our students experience at St George’s is a key part of their learning. The PFA has working bees in order to assist upgrade our outdoor spaces – and has funded things such as outdoor and sports equipment, lawn, fencing, and sporting and playground equipment. We have provided the school flags
(St George’s and Houses), as well as the sports jacket. Assisting maintain, not only our pride in our school and physical environment, but also to our visual presence in our Community.
We like to mirror the St George’s ethos of each child being valued as an individual, and another way the PFA does this is by co-ordinating and funding the St George’s badges presented with the welcome cards to each new student.

The PFA’s work is for the benefit for all our children and the school, both now and into the future. To ensure we succeed, takes a team effort – which includes you: our parents, families, caregivers and friends. We each play a vital role, and without your support, the PFA will not be able to function effectively in our role.
All parents become members of the PFA on enrolment of their children, and are able to put your name forward to be on the PFA Committee. The Committee meets monthly, and we work together with the teacher and school to determine priorities and fundraising opportunities.

We look forward to having some new committee members join us. View the Nomination Form here.