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Give it a Go Day

An opportunity to experience St George's for Year 1-7 students

Tuesday 31 October, 8.30am to 3.00pm

We are opening our doors to current Year 1-7 children. Places are limited, therefore registrations are essential.
Programme for the Day
8.30am               Parents and students arrive at the Chapel gates on Liverpool St
8.30am-9.30am  Welcome and tour of the school - students and Headmaster
9.30am-3.00pm  Students to class to meet their friend for the day
3.00pm               Parents arrive to collect their children at end of day

A Registration Form must be completed and return to the St George's office by the Friday before your chosen Give It A Go Day.  Any questions, please call Jacquie Jones at our office on 06 349 0298.

Individual visits can also be arranged by contacting Headmaster Andrew Osmond: