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Give it a Go Day

An opportunity to experience St George's for Year 1-7 students

Our planned 'Give It A Go Days' for 2018 are as follows:

Term Three: Tuesday 21st August Mini GIAGD
Term Four: Tuesday 30th October Mini GIAGD


Please note that due to our 2019 roll being at capacity in nearly all year groups, we are opening our doors to current Year 4 & 5 children ONLY. Places are limited, therefore registrations are essential.

30 October 2018 GIAGD Registration Form

Programme for the Day
8.30am                 Parents and students arrive at the Chapel gates on Liverpool St
8.30am-9.30am  Welcome and tour of the school - students and Headmaster
9.30am-3.00pm  Students to class to meet their friend for the day
3.00pm                 Parents arrive to collect their children at end of day

A Registration Form must be completed and return to the St George's office by the Friday before your chosen Give It A Go Day.  

Individual visits can also be arranged by contacting Jacquie Jones at our office on 06 349 0298.