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Cultural Growth

Part of our culture.



All classes at St George’s have weekly lessons in Māori language and tikanga/culture, which are taught by a specialist teacher. The classroom focus is on creating a love of taha Māori/things Māori, and learning in a fun way. Teaching correct pronunciation and exposing the students to the Whanganui dialect is very important.

So too is ‘having a go’ and encouraging students to speak Te Reo Māori. A range of everyday kaupapa/topics is taught over a three-year rotation. Tikanga is embedded in the topics with the saying of karakia/prayer and the singing of waiata/songs in each lesson. Students are taught to introduce themselves in a simple way at Year 3 and by Year 7 can deliver their mihimihi (a speech introducing themselves and their family).
Each year there is also a focus on topics such as Matariki-Puanga/Māori New Year, pūrakau/myths and legends, ngā ātua/the gods and, of course, the marae.

St George’s students have the opportunity to be part of a strong and dynamic Kapa Haka rōpū/group, which is based on our campus.


Pictured: Part of the powhiri for a group visiting St George's.