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A reputation for excellence

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With a reputation for excellence in our academic, sporting and cultural programmes, St George’s is a school where your child’s talents are recognised, nurtured and extended.


At St George’s, traditional values and learning principles are combined with innovative teaching and modern technology. There’s a real emphasis on reading, writing and maths, but you’ll also find ‘smart’ boards in our classrooms, and you’ll notice that every Year 7 and 8 student has a surface to facilitate learning at school and at home.

Individual difference is valued at St George’s and students of all abilities enjoy success here. Our teachers are trained to accommodate different learning strengths and learning styles, and the teaching of thinking skills is an especially high priority.

We encourage all of our students to do their best in everything they do - academically, personally, culturally and on the sports field. Our high academic standards have a positive effect on new children coming into the school, as they too are encouraged to achieve to their potential.

St George’s students are courteous, respectful and well-mannered. They take pride in themselves and in their school. Our team of exceptional teachers, specialists and support staff encourage students to be self-motivated and to strive to make the most of their time at school, both at work and at play.