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Wanganui Collegiate School continues to provide a sports programme that has a positive influence on all students' ages and abilities.We aim to develop every student's interest in sport, from aspiring internationals to those for whom sport is just part of a healthy lifestyle.

Our long tradition of sporting excellence gives us the experience required to maximise every student's potential, regardless of the level of sport that they play. To help us achieve this, we offer outstanding facilities and an exceptional team of coaches, comprised of former international sportsmen and women, professional coaches, staff solely dedicated to the running of our school sport, and committed academic staff. This level of support guarantees the best possible environment for every student to develop their skills, including the very elite.

WCS offers a choice of more than 15 sports, and an ever-increasing number of teams represent the School at all levels. Our programme is based around team sports, providing students with countless opportunities to represent the School. They are expected to participate in the main sports during their junior years, before progressing to a wider range of options as they move through the year groups. As well as organising prestigious fixtures against other schools, we have a programme of inter-house sport, enabling all to experience competitive sport on a regular basis. The School is home to a significant number of elite performers, both at junior and senior international level.

Helping us deliver such an outstanding sporting curriculum are our first-class facilities. A water-based Astroturf, acrylic surface tennis courts and swimming pool are just the start of what we offer. Spread across our 65 acre site are numerous pitches, courts and playing surfaces to provide for all our sports and teams. 

Barry Touzel, Director of Sport