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Wanganui Collegiate School Football Supporters Club

The “beautiful game “was successfully introduced to Wanganui Collegiate School by Mr Alec McNab in 1973.

Football at WCS caters for all genders, and is participated in by both WCS domestic and international students.

Football at the school also enjoys a unique and special connection with its WCS Old Boys community in that  it is the only winter sport at Wanganui Collegiate that has an enduring and continuous annual Old Boys fixture which started in 1978 and in 2017 celebrated  its 40th game .

In July 2017 the official WCS Football Supporters Club was created and an executive committee elected.

The purpose of the Wanganui Collegiate School supporters Club is to promote, help run and support WCS with its football programme and to put in place a sustainable entity that will give our sons and daughters the best opportunities possible to participate in an inclusive and dynamic football experience at WCS. An experience that provides both a greater enjoyment of the game but also provides pathways for development for those that seek them.

The structure of the supporters club committee mirrors that of other very successful WCS sports supporters clubs in that it has a President, Secretary and a Treasurer, along with a group of passionate and supportive parents and Old Boys

A Director of Football role is soon to be appointed in early 2018 to help develop and implement a strategic plan for talent identification and management, determine fitness requirements and introduce a playing programme to grow players and teams.  

The WCS Football Supporters Club will be holding a meeting during Collegiate Sports Weekend on Saturday 24th February at 2:00 pm and warmly invites all current parents of football players, parents of children new to the school who are interested in playing football as well as our generous and supportive teachers and Old Boys to attend and participate.


Mark Dickson

Shelley Charles

Tony Twiss

Along with a group of passionate and supportive parents and Old Boys

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