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Wanganui Collegiate School has a strong history of sporting excellence, achievement and participation. Our policy of a compulsory participation of our students in one winter and one summer sport is seen as complementary to our education. The emphasis of a team sports too lends itself to the learning of important life skills in a team environment. For this policy to work we rely heavily on the support from a  number of bases including the various sports codes supporters clubs.

Currently we have a number of very enthusiastic and vibrant supporters clubs to our sports including; Cricket, Football, Netball, Rowing and Rugby.

These supporters clubs consist of a group of parents, caregivers or supporters of the sport who form committees, meet regularly and support in whichever way they can their sports teams and players. The main method of support is by way of fundraising for trips, gear or transport as well as assisting with organisational arrangements required for the smooth running of the sport.

These supporters clubs raise the level of offer in all sports and fill an important role. We would encourage all parents to consider getting involved.

To learn more about one of our Supporters Clubs explore the Sport links to the left.