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Pastoral care is one of the key areas at a school and at Wanganui Collegiate School we go the extra mile to ensure that the needs of each student are catered for.

Each student has a staff tutor who will meet with students once a week formally and on other occasions informally to provide support, give guidance and assistance with academic issues. Students also have as support staff, anyone of their teachers or coaches, the School Counsellor and their House staff to whom they can turn to. Our School Counsellor runs the Peer Support programme which is a further opportunity for students to assist their peers.

We are fortunate to be a church school affiliated to the Anglican Church and thus have our own minister who is also a qualified teacher. Services are held each Wednesday and Sunday while the whole school attends congregational singing on a Tuesday morning. The quality of the singing is a feature of our school. Key values are dealt with which is supportive of the Values Education programme which operates as well.

Leadership is a significant thread that is woven through the structure of the school from sports captains at junior age groups, completing duties, providing House support especially with seniors playing a major role in the planning of and participation of students in the vast range of Inter-House competitions. Senior students are invited in Year 12 to apply for leadership positions in their final year. Everyone attends an interview with a panel of staff that provide a life skill opportunity. The School leaders, known as Blueshirts, head the portfolios of the School Council which is another layer of the leadership opportunities for students. Committees make up the School Council further which extends the opportunity for inclusiveness in the leadership development of students. Our Collegiate Award is an opportunity for every student to embrace the holistic educational experience offered to all our students.