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Our Student Leaders

2018 Blueshirt Team

Top row from left to right: Kate Tylee , Janet Yue, Angela Wu, Hayden O’Leary, Mr. Wayne Brown, Emma Abraham, Te Wanahi Rowe, Grace Godfrey, Saul Reynolds, Kate Wells,

Bottom Row from left to right: Bruce Donald, Zachary Anderson, Ethan Gillespie, James Jones
Missing: Mia Gemmell

Hayden O’Leary, Head of School
Emma Abraham, Head of School
Ethan Gillespie, Deputy Head of School
Mia Gemmell, Deputy Head of School

Kate Tylee, Head of Bishops
Grace Godfrey, Head of Godwin
Hayden O’Leary, Acting Head of Grey
Te Wanahi Rowe, Head of Hadfield
Zachary Anderson, Head of Harvey
Saul Reynolds, Head of Selwyn