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Dining Hall

Meal times are an important part of each day.  Spotless Services (NZ) Ltd (now trading as Alliance Catering) has been providing the catering at Collegiate since 1990 and strives to provide meals that are both liked by students and ensures our student’s nutritional and growth needs are met.

Menus are changed each term to ensure variety, maximises the use of seasonal produce and meets government dietary guidelines specific to adolescents. 

Working in partnership Alliance Catering, Student Reps and WCS Staff discuss requirements, preferences and good ideas. 

Menu planning and Student Education 

Menu planning is based on the SNAP program (Spotless Nutritional Assessment Programme) which ensures adequate representation of all food groups in appropriate quantities.  Menus are reviewed by a qualified dietician for nutritional suitability while cooking methods and ingredient choices limit the use of saturated and trans fats, salts and sugars.

It’s important our Collegiate students are well informed on healthy eating and living which is why we have enacted the Nourish Programme.  Posters and table talkers help spread the word and highlight initiatives about healthier meal choices.  With healthier choices are identified on the menu and are indicated for being lower in salt, fat and sugar and higher in fibre; a better choice all – round.

Dietary requirements such as vegetarian, gluten or dairy free are catered for at each meal.  As our staff are committed to ensuring each dining experience at Collegiate is a positive and nutritionally sound one, feedback and enquiries are welcome through your PFA rep or Housemasters.

Café @ Collegiate

“Café at Collegiate” provides a completely different service to the Dining Hall next door; the café has a modern design and high street style. The Café at Wanganui Collegiate is a mini "espresso plus" style café. It’s a space that provides a central campus environment for students, staff, parents and the wider Collegiate Community to meet, relax and enjoy a drink or a bite to eat.We look forward to seeing you - drop in for a coffee soon. Customers may pay by cash or EFTPOS but we do not offer a “charge to School Account” facility.