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The School takes the utmost care to guard the sense of the Anglican boarding community on which it was founded. The School worships each week as part of the normal timetable. This pattern is only interrupted when other religious services may take priority, for example; Collegiate Weekend Services, Easter and Christmas Services, ANZAC, etc.

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Each House has a dedicated Communion Service to open and close each school year. Prayers are regularly offered in Assemblies and House meetings. Sunday Chapel occurs two weeks in three for the boarding community. The Chapel itself is open at all times for quiet reflection and provides a real focus for the intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional and ethical development of the students. Collegiate is also forging close links with the local religious community, especially Christ Church Parish.

With the Anglican Church as its source of strength, Wanganui Collegiate School endeavours to ensure that Christian faith and values enrich the everyday lives of staff, students and the School community, and that students take those qualities with them to influence them for the rest of their lives.
These values include vitality, compassion and courage, and these values are instilled in the students through a quality school environment provided through every House, classroom and recreational pursuit, but are particularly supported through regular worship in Chapel, assembly and boarding House.
The school has an appointed Chaplain, Rev Guy Savage, dedicated to the spiritual goal of the school. All staff are required to be sympathetic to, and support, the Anglican Church foundation of the School.