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Welcome to Wanganui Collegiate School

Welcome to Wanganui Collegiate School, a unique live-in,  co-educational, learning community. Our students are supported, nurtured and immersed in academic, sporting  and cultural opportunities and challenges. They excel academically, attain independence, develop leadership and character in establishing an unshakeable foundation for their futures.

Our five pillars of Academic Excellence; Sporting Achievement; Cultural Enrichment; Christian Fellowship; Lifelong Friendships along with our values of vitality, compassion and courage, are an important enabler in the development of our students.  The provision of a 7 day a week environment at Wanganui Collegiate, once a necessity, is now a virtue: where modern day distractions are few, students are engaged in their learning and in school life, whether that is in the classroom, on the sports fields, music halls, drama studios or serving within our community, our students are supported and challenged by our exceptional and experienced staff. 

At Wanganui Collegiate School there is an inescapable expectation for excellence.  Linking 164 years of custodial uniqueness with 21st Century learning, to know that each student has the support, yet the challenge in front of them.  It is not just about reaching potential, at Collegiate we enable them to flourish, and to excel in the development of their knowledge and character.  

Wayne Brown  



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