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Our Governance Structure

Wanganui Collegiate School has two boards which have contrasting but complementary roles.

The Wanganui Collegiate School Board of Trustees

The School Board consists of the five parent-elected representatives, four Proprietor Board representatives, a staff representative, a student representative and the Headmaster.

Brad Gay (Chair) : Elected, Current parent
Matthew Doyle: Elected, OB 1983-1987, current parent
Sarah Pilcher-Twiss: Elected, current parent
Tim Woodman: Elected, current parent
Bronwyn Donald: Proprietor representative, past parent
Martin Gray: Proprietor representative, OB 1977-1981, past parent
Ian Murphy: Elected, OB 1987-1991, current parent
Wayne Brown: Headmaster
Mathew Owen: Elected staff representative
Jack Monkton: Elected student representative

Whanganui College Board of Trustees (The Proprietor)

The College Board will remain responsible for all the functionalities of our 7-day boarding school model, and preserving our special character within the integrated school framework.

Martin Gray (Chair): OB 1977-1981, past parent
Charles Bolt: OB 1980-1984, past parent
Sarah Brown: current parent
Bronwyn Donald: past parent
Rt Reverend Justin Duckworth: Anglican Bishop of Wellington

Jenni Giblin: current parent
Rory Smith: OB 1973-1976, OBGA Representative
Phillipa Williams: current parent