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House Music Tickets

30th May 2018

Thursday 28 June and Saturday 30 June Wanganui Collegiate School welcomes you to our annual House Music performances.  Students have been working hard on practicing and perfecting their songs and are looking forward to performing them.

Tickets can be purchased online at a cost of $12.50 per ticket. ($12.20 for the ticket with a $0.30 processing fee).  Tickets are required upon entry and can either be printed or viewed from a mobile device.

To purchase tickets select the following link: House Music Tickets

House Music Saturday 30 June Schedule

3.00pm Bishops Families' Gathering - Empson
3.00pm Harvey Families' Gathering - Harvey House
3.15pm Selwyn Families' Gathering - Selwyn House
4.00pm House Music Performance for Bishops/Harvey/Selwyn Families

4.30pm Godwin Families' Gathering - Collegiate Cafe
4.30pm Grey Families' Gathering - Grey House
5.00pm Hadfield Families' Gathering - Hadfield House
6.00pm House Music Performance for Godwin/Grey/Hadfield Families