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Two fully-trained ESOL teachers on site

Learning English is, of course, the first challenge of every student from overseas. It will allow them to study in the mainstream academic classes, and, just as importantly, it will allow them to mix more freely with the New Zealand students.
To help them achieve that goal we provide two fully-trained ESOL teachers who place students into the mainstream as soon as their language skills are ready.
We are an ETS Certified Test Administration Site, and carry out regular SAT tests for those wishing to enter universities. We also help with preparation for IELTS examinations.

Gail Evans, Dean of International Students
I am the Dean of International Students as well as HoD of ESOL and oversee all the Academic studies of our International Students. I have been teaching at the school for over 5 years and previously taught ESOL at another high school in the city. Originally I came from the United Kingdom with my family where I completed all my training. I enjoy travelling with my husband, especially to countries where the students have come from. 

Aaron Chadwick, ESOL teacher
I come from Whanganui and studied at Massey in Palmerston North. I worked at Whanganui High School and St Peter's College in Palmerston North before travelling for a numbers of years, working in Japan, the Middle East and the United Kingdom. While overseas I studied in Edinburgh Scotland and gained my ESOL accreditation. I enjoy rugby, surfing and travelling.


What our students say:

This is my first year of Wanganui Collegiate School and I learnt a lot. Adrian Fu

This school gives me a lot of things, makes me very happy and I enjoy being here. Jaja Mayingcharoen

I really enjoy the school. Panda Chuenwatanakul

I really enjoy being in this school and all the teachers are very nice to me. Vissa Tunsiri

As my second year, I think it’s a tough time to get organised for my third year, but it has been a funny year. Alex Wakai

I really enjoyed this first year. I learn a lot and I have fun with my friends. Sathin Smakkamai

This is my second years at Collegiate and I am enjoying it very much. This year has been a lot of fun and had a lot of fun events, for example, my music concerts and also we won most of our football games. Earth Sunthornyanakit

This is my second year at Wanganui Collegiate School and I think this year is a harder year for me compare to last year. I am really looking forward next year, because I can do subjects that I like. And this school taught me a lot of things. I like WCS. Michael Wang

This school make my English a lot better than it was. Don Kumkew 

This country, school and environment make me more Organising and make my English better and get to know so new people and make a lot of good new friend. Panonn Sawaisanyakorn

This school is very good. All the students are very friendly and kind. Advina Wu

The teacher and students make my English pronunciation good. Tatsuya Yamamoto

I can learn lots of things in this school. Also, all teachers and students are nice. Yeju Kim