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Speech and Drama Registration Form 2019

Students of all ages at Wanganui Collegiate School participate in the Speech and Drama coaching programme. Kerry O’Sullivan offers Speech and Drama and Public Speaking coaching for confidence in the speaking arena and for examinations in both New Zealand Speech Board and the Trinity College of London syllabuses. Her teaching builds confidence in all areas of performance as well as encouraging students to develop speech that is well articulated and free from habits or affectations which may cause embarrassment.
Costs are: 30 min lesson is $30.00, 45 min lesson is $45.00 and a 1 hour lesson is $60.

Students have achieved outstanding successes in the last 5 years:
• Numerous awards given for top marks in the Taranaki, Wanganui & Manawatu
• Over 6 scholarships awarded for excellence in results from NZ Speech Board
• 100% pass rate in NZ speech board and Trinity College exams
• 60% with Honours or Honours plus for these exams
• Twice receiving top marks in NZ for a Trinity College exam

About Kerry O'Sullivan ATCL .S.B.L.T.C. 
Kerry’s courses will benefit your child in the following ways:

• Listen and communicate with well articulated discussion skills 
Before Kerry:
“so how was your day at school son?” “like, well, umm, like, you know mum

After Kerry “so how was your day son?” “Fabulous mum, thanks for asking, how was yours (as son empties the dishwasher).

• To prepare towards their oral assessment in Year 9 and 10
• To prepare for their NCEA English Oral Speaking standards in level 1,2 and 3 

Public Speaking courses are beneficial to students hoping to make their mark in corporate, political and journalistic areas. It trains in the structures required for social speeches and creates confidence for performing them in both rehearsed and impromptu situations.
Speech and Drama is ideal for students with a more artistic leaning as it deepens their knowledge of literature whilst encouraging a creative and imaginative use of their own minds.  Kerry has twice received the Trinity Cup for Excellence in Teaching. She is also a professional actor for television and stage and a director and singer and enjoys these as a part-time option to her teaching.