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The Wanganui Collegiate School Old Boys & Girls Association

The Wanganui Collegiate School Old Boys & Girls Association came into being on 12 July 1889. Mr Walter Empson, the then Headmaster, was elected as first President. In August 2016 Mr Rory Smith became the 45th President. The objectives as defined in the rules set the pattern for the Association's activities, namely:

"To promote and keep alive among members of the Association a continual and active interest in the welfare of their old school, to do and carry into effect anything which may give use to its welfare and the welfare of the Association or of anyone who may have been in any way connected with the school"

The admission of girls to the School in 1991 required a change in the name of the Association to include Old Girls by adding the letter G after the letter B, namely WCSOBGA or OBGA in the shortened form.

Over the years the Association has offered considerable financial and moral support to the School. The first major effort was to fund the building of the Chapel in 1912 to commemorate all that Headmaster Walter Empson had done during his 25 years at School. In 1986 the Chapel was extended - the funding again being led by the Old Boys, as it has been for later Development projects and the ongoing Cattle Grazing Scheme. Several WCSOBGA trust funds exist for special purposes, including scholarships.

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2018 WCSOBGA Executive 

Rory Smith
027 318 9803

Glenn Spooner
027 333 9526

Immediate Past President
Duncan Matthews
021 242 4664

John Carr 
027 490 0800

Bridget Carver-Vitens
027 251 3147

Charles Chadwick
021 227 8884

Rob Craig
027 202 1565

Mark Godfrey
027 411 5957

Jason Granville
021 66 9515

Rob Moore
027 425 5598




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