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Founded in 1854, Wanganui Collegiate School has occupied the Liverpool Street site since 1911.Our building dates from 1921, when the Music Department occupied the majority of the space, while Day Boys used as their Common Room the large ground floor room (named Marris House).

With the opening of the WCS Foundation Music School adjoining the Prince Edward Auditorium in 1991, this building became surplus to requirements. The Board of Trustees agreed that it become the home of the School’s Museum & Archives. 
2004 marked the 150th anniversary of the School’s founding. During the year prior, an initiative led by the WCS Old Boys & Girls Association refurbished the building, and made order out of the chaos within. Following the success of the 150th celebrations, the WCS Museum Trust (a Registered Charitable Trust) was established, to become guardians of the School’s history and memorabilia. 
Our collection contains thousands of photographs, collections of plans, documents, minute books & meeting records, memorabilia, trophies, uniforms, drama & music production records, sporting records, Old Boys’ War records & newspaper clippings. It documents the evolution & progress of WCS from the very early days of the first school to the Old School (1867-1910), both on Victoria Avenue, through to the New School on this site.

The full collection of Collegian magazines from the 1st edition of April 1883 gives great insight into not only life and times of the School, but also into local & national social history.  Our digital version facilitates wide access & efficient searching. 
The Museum’s resources are being digitised onto an Archives database, permitting individual photographs and other records to be searched; these are also being linked to the Old Boys & Girls' Association database.      

Your comments, suggestions and feedback are welcomed. 

Mr Richard Bourne, Chairman WCS Museum Trust;
Phone: 027 481 2324   E-mail:
Postal Address: WCS Museum, Private Bag 3002, Wanganui 5020.
Email: or

Should the Museum be unattended, items may be left at the School’s Administration Office. Please ensure that your name & full contact details are included. 

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