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Wanganui Collegiate School's Parents & Friends Association (PFA) provides an important support link between the School and the wider school community.


The PFA, consisting of Regional and House representatives, liaise regularly with the Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster, House, Teaching and Administration Staff, representatives of both the Elected and College Boards, the Old Boys & Girls Association, the Foundation and other parents to ensure the School community remains connected.

In promoting the best interests of the School, the PFA has a key role in organising social events throughout the year to welcome and offer support to new, current and prospective families, promote, support and strengthen the House and Year group systems, act as a medium for feedback from parents to the School, offer support to students with sporting and Leaver events, and provide opportunity for the greater School community to meet and socialise in relaxed surroundings.

The PFA also fundraise. This is achieved either through staging events such as the Auction and Quiz night or the sale of a variety of merchandise and running raffles. Funds raised are spent carefully in a manner that directly benefits as many students as possible and on items that would usually fall outside of School budgets.

Each House receives a set amount of annual funding for wish list or luxury items determined by and that directly benefits all of its House members.

The PFA also contributes to larger items that provide benefit to the whole School. Recent projects that have received our support include donations towards sport equipment upgrades, IT and equipment upgrades for various teaching departments, the purchase of Gazebos for outside events, support towards the WCS Chapel organ fund and upgrades in the Music block and Auditorium.

In addition to supporting projects and attending events, parents are encouraged to support the PFA through payment of their annual membership subscription. This one off charge of only $15 per child appears on your January account and goes a long way in assisting the PFA with their work.



(following the AGM 25 February 2017):

Becky Willis - President
06 327 6820 | 022 350 4757

Trudy Spence-Jones - Vice President
06 328 9868 | 027 340 3804 

Jessamine Corpe - 2nd Vice President / College Board Representative
06 388 0091 | 027 303 8956

Hannah Petersen-Hardy - Treasurer
06 855 6545 | 021 764 995

Sandi Pearson - Secretary
027 229 5439


PFA Nomination Forms
PFA Members Name and Addresses

Wanganui Collegiate School Parents and Friends Association is a fantastic social organisation and we are always looking for members – men and women! If you are interested in becoming involved in either a hands on and/or support capacity to help with a variety of activities that benefit the school then we would be pleased to welcome you. The AGM is the platform that provides parents and friends opportunity to join us.

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