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Welcome to Selwyn House!

One of the three original Houses, Selwyn House was the first on the Drive, opened in 1911. It was named after Bishop George Augustus Selwyn, Anglican Primate of New Zealand from 1841-1868.

Selwyn House’s motto is “per fidem fortis” –Strength through Faith.
The values by which Selwyn students are required to live by are; Faith, Integrity, Respect, Service and Tradition.

Selwyn House prides itself on its House spirit. Students support and encourage one another to give their very best, creating a strong sense of brotherhood. Students in Selwyn are expected to develop themselves in all four spheres of life; academics, sports, culture and faith.  

Selwyn is led by Housemaster Mr Mathew Owen. The House Matron is Mrs Val Southcombe. The Selwyn House Tutors are Mr Jakob Kemenater, Mr Richard Ellsworth, Mr Costas Thrasyvoulou, Mr Kerry Hagan and joining us this year as a GAP Tutor is Mr Sam Davies.

Our House Leadership Team 2018 
Head of House: Saul Reynolds*
Deputy Head of House: Jimmy Jones*
House Prefects: Dillon Wagstaff, Tom Dickson, Jamie Allen

Mathew Owen, Housemaster


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