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Welcome to Harvey House!

Come the day and come the hour
Come the power and the glory
We have come to answer our Houses call
For honesty is true honour

“Honesty is true honour” Our motto represents the pride and honour of what it means to be a part of Harvey House and to answer the light blue call. Harvey was founded in 1921 and took its name from a former Headmaster, the Reverend B. W. (Bache Wright) Harvey (1882-1887).

The House is fortunate to occupy a prime location at the foot of the school drive directly opposite the school Chapel. The money for the Chapel was raised by the Old Boys as a tribute to Headmaster Walter Empson, who retired at Easter 1909. It is of no surprise therefore, that the Harvey boys are well known for their honour and spirit.

In Harvey we encourage full participation and the development of each and every boy’s talents and skills. The Collegiate House programme offers a wide range of sporting and cultural competitions that encourage the boys of Harvey to multi task and most importantly support their House members, whether in the first junior year or as senior leaders of the House.

The House Matron, Jane Love, provides the boys of Harvey with outstanding support and care to ensure that they achieve their very best; not only contributing to the life of the House but enjoying the Harvey spirit.

Our House Leadership Team 2018
Head of House:  Zachary Anderson*
Deputy Head: Loftus Stanford
Blueshirts*: Ethan Gillespie, Bruce Donald
House Prefects: John Kite

The House also has specific PFA representatives which may be contacted for any queries. If you are visiting Wanganui Collegiate School, please come and see Harvey and find out for yourself what makes us special.

  Chris Buckley, Harvey Housemaster


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