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Welcome to Hadfield House!

We, in TEAM Hadfield, have had much success in developing positive social relationships across all Year groups as healthy relationships are the core to harmony and good teamwork. We encourage a keen competitive attitude in all Inter House activities ranging from Art to Tug of War! Established in 1911, Hadfield House was named after the Bishop of Wellington, Octavius Hadfield who had an early influence on Collegiate School in the 1870’s.

House Leaders 2017

Head of House: Joseph Hazelhurst*
Deputy HOH: Zacceaus Simpson
House Prefects: Jimmy-James Duncan, Zeal Hanna, Vessa Tunsiri, James Robbie.

Housemaster: Mr Te Ahu Teki
Tutor: Mr Tyler Scott
Tutor: Andy Trick
Matron: Mrs Philippa Canning

Te Ahu Teki, Housemaster


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