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Welcome to Grey House!

We have been a House on the Drive for over 100 years. Times have changed but some things remain the same. That is pride in our House and the opportunity to work, play and live together and to make mates that will last a lifetime. We have a simple vision in Grey:

Grey House is to be a home of young men whose individualism will be celebrated as their uniqueness collectively makes the House a strong and happy place. It will be a place where young men will grow into caring, strong individuals where humour and kindness is the cornerstone of their lives and where they have learnt to put their personal and collective bar high.

We want young men to have the confidence to be themselves. They bring their own individual skills to the House which collectively will make Grey House strong and a wonderful place to live. They will make mistakes in a supportive environment but also gain personal success. The House is known for its cultural activities as well as for its sports and the mark it makes academically. All the young men have their own individual triumphs that add to the success of the House.

We have a proud history and we look forward to the young men of Grey House having a bright future.

Our House Leadership Team 2019
Housemaster: Aaron Chadwick
Matron: Alison Smith

Head of House: Hadleigh O'Leary
Deputy Head of House: tba
Blueshirt: Liam Back, Max Crowley, Jack Gay
House Prefects: 

Residential Master: Chris Buckley

  Aaron Chadwick, Housemaster


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