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Welcome to Godwin House!

Godwin House is the largest of the two girls' Houses and was opened in 1991. The House name commemorates Mr Henry Godwin, Headmaster from 1865-1877, and his wife Rachel ('Ma' Godwin), a long-serving and much respected Matron (1880s to 1911). Mr Godwin included five female students in Collegiate's roll in 1877-78.

We believe that Godwin girls were made to SHINE and, true to this, the Godwin House motto, we encourage the characteristics of Success, Humility, Integrity, Nurturing and Enthusiasm. We are proud of the efforts the girls make, and the numerous successes we have in all facets of school life, whether it be in the classroom, on the sports field, culturally, or in serving the community. Of key importance to us all is the sense of family and friendship we foster in Godwin House. Boarders and daygirls regard the House as a home away from home, and the bonds that are formed between the girls are lifelong. Our live-in staff, led by Housemaster Mrs Jackie Abraham and well-supported by Matron, Mrs Robyn Auld, and Gap Tutors, as well as our academic tutors, strive to provide a warm and safe environment where girls are best able to learn, laugh, and realise their potential.

We have an amazing set of leaders for 2019, and they will provide support, encouragement and guidance for all girls in Godwin House.

Our House Leadership Team 2019
Head of House: Sarah Gower-James*
Deputy Head of House: tba
Blueshirts:Charlotte McKinlay, Charlotte Robb
House Prefects:

Residential Master: Jean Swanepoel
Matron: Robyn Auld

  Jackie Abraham, Godwin Housemaster







Wanganui Collegiate School’s Parents & Friends Association (PFA) provides an important support link between the School and the wider school community. We have a key role in organising social events throughout the year to welcome and offer support to new, current and prospective families, promote, support and strengthen the House and Year group systems, act as a medium for feedback from parents to the School, offer support to students with sporting and leaver events, and provide opportunity for the greater school community to meet and socialise in relaxed surroundings. Godwin House PFA Reps

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