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Boarding Options

Boarding Options

We offer a number of boarding options, with a clear focus on boarders becoming increasingly full time throughout their time at the school.

Full Boarding

Full Boarding offers the ultimate Collegiate experience!  Full Boarders become fully immersed in life at Collegiate, while at the same time build life-long friendships that extend far beyond the daily classroom activities.  

There is nothing better than finishing a sport game or challenge, heading back to your House and reflecting on the great plays of the game with your fellow teammates and friends.  Weekend activities (detailed below) offered by Collegiate engage students physically and spiritually, while the NCEA study support system is a truly valuable offer for those aiming to better their grades and those aiming for NCEA Excellence and Scholarships.

Full Boarders are granted a total of three leave weekends of their choice each term.  Two of these weekends begin after Saturday classes and sport, while the third leave weekend is a deemed special leave.   With teacher and coaches support, the special leave weekend can begin after Friday lessons and is reserved for significant family occasions.

Regional Boarder Definition

From 2017 onwards, Regional boarding applies to Year 9 and 10 students only, who live within the defined Regional Boarder Area.  (Pre-2017 Regional Boarders please contact the Director of Boarding to discuss your terms and conditions).  

When a Regional Boarder completes Year 10 they automatically change to Full Boarding the following year.

Regional boarding provides a transition period for Year 9 and Year 10 students to become more familiar and comfortable with boarding while having more flexible weekend leave to spend time with family.

A total of five leave weekends are available each term for Regional Boarders.  Four of these leave weekends may occur after Saturday classes and sport, while one is a special leave which can be taken, with teacher and sports coaches support, after Friday lessons. Special Leave is reserved for significant family occasions.

Wanganui Boarder Definition

Wanganui Boarding numbers are capped and only available to students who live within the Area of Reasonable Convenience as defined in the Ministry of Education enrolment scheme.

Wanganui Boarding benefits those families living close to school (within approximately 20Km) by providing the opportunity to board at a reduced cost for four nights per week between Monday and Friday.

Casual Boarding

From time to time day students and Wanganui boarders may require casual boarding. Students can only be accommodated in boarding Houses if spare capacity exists and at the discretion of the school. Casual boarding includes dinner, bed (including linen) and breakfast. Supervision and pastoral care will be provided by boarding House staff in the same way in which full-time boarding students are supervised.

To encourage students to utilise Casual Boarding, the price is just $60 per night (GST inclusive). Please apply to the Administration Office in the first instance or download the Casual Boarding form.

Casual Boarding Request Form

Weekend Activities

All boarders are able to participate in the Weekend Activity programmes. 

On Friday evenings, the programme is led by the House seniors and monitored by staff.  Activities, such as ‘Capture the Flag’ played on the back fields, indoor football or basketball in the Izard Centre (gymnasium), are fully inclusive and engaging.

On Saturday evenings Housemasters lead the activities, which may include a movie night, a multi-House BBQ, a dance, a quiz evening, or other indoor games.