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Welcome to Bishops House!

Bishops House is proud of its warm and welcoming atmosphere and you get a sense of this upon entering the doors. We have some very talented and special girls who represent both the House and the School with pride and passion, and will go on to achieve great things upon leaving School. As a staff we work hard to ensure a safe and nurturing environment in which learning and participation are encouraged at all times.

The House is to be lead in 2018 by Sjaane Simpson, Housemaster. We are also very lucky to have Mrs Louise Martin as Matron, a role which is very important in the boarding environment, and she is always available when the girls need assistance.

Our House Leadership Team 2018
Head of House: Kate Tylee*
Deputy Head of House: Rebecca Brown, Brooklyn Millar, 
Blueshirts*: Emma Abraham, Kate Wells
House Prefects: Alex Bolt, Amber Christenhusz, Vissa Tunsiri

Assistant Housemaster: Mrs Catherine Richards
Evening tutors are Dawn Michelson and Sue van Dort. 

Tutor Teachers:

  • Angela Paley and Sahara Heiehi (Year 9)
  • Olivia Wright and Nikki Payne (Year 10)
  • Rosie Gibson and Catherine Richards (Year 11)
  • Rob Torr and Dawn Michelson (Year 12)
  • Sjaane Simpson (Year 13)

We have a fantastic leadership team within the House this year, and I know they will give the younger years much encouragement and support to achieve their goals for 2018. 

As the ancient proverb goes: 'It takes a village to raise a child.' 

  Sjaane Simpson, Housemaster


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