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When you start boarding at Wanganui Collegiate School (est. 1854) you begin a very special adventure of a lifetime.  Bound by the traditional Wanganui Collegiate School House structure, you will have the opportunity to represent your House with pride, competing in academics, sport and culture.  We promote social, cultural, spiritual and sporting growth.  The friendships that come from Wanganui Collegiate School are like no other; truly lifelong, loyal friendships.  

As a parent of a child boarding at Wanganui Collegiate School, you will find an historic Anglican School with special character; passionate and caring.  Each House has a Housemaster and Matron, who offer expert boarding knowledge, their personal parenting experience and a focus on nurturing every individual within a family-like environment.  In addition to the long-serving staff, we have Assistant Housemasters and Graduate Tutors who provide pastoral support and their own expert subject knowledge within the House.

Boarding is central to how the School operates.   The Houses are fiercely competitive and the various House competitions held during the year, be it cultural, sporting or academic, are hard-fought and showcase the true passion each student feels for their House.

Starting from the Chapel end of the School you see the first of the four boys' Houses, Harvey (est. 1921) on your right, the ‘newest’ boys’ House.  As you move down the main artery of the School known as the ‘Drive’ towards the Prince Edward Auditorium you will walk past the remaining three boys’ Houses, Hadfield (est. 1911), Grey (est. 1911), Selwyn (est. 1911). Continuing on past the Dining Hall you arrive at the two girls’ boarding Houses, Godwin (est. 1991) and Bishops (est. 1999).  Houses of old include Marris (1914-1998), Gilligan (1963-1981), Empson (1967-2000), and Porritt (1971-1998).

Students benefit from a first-class education to achieve their individual aspirations and to prepare them for the changing world of tomorrow.  Wanganui Collegiate School is a very special campus that is both beautiful and vibrant.

The five pillars of Wanganui Collegiate School:
•Academic excellence
•Sporting achievement
•Cultural enrichment
•Christian fellowship
•Lifelong friendships

Take every opportunity, give your best and have no regrets. 

Gilbert Hokianga, Director of Boarding


  • Wanganui Collegiate School is committed to providing a seven day boarding environment; that is a safe home, with exceptional pastoral, social and academic guidance to all students in its care.
  • Wanganui Collegiate School strives to provide an environment, which nurtures its students and enhances their feeling of belonging and physical and emotional well-being.
  • Wanganui Collegiate School is committed to providing a fully professional and caring staff to oversee the pastoral and social life of students.
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