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New and secondhand uniforms are sold by Andersons at 184 Victoria Avenue, Whanganui, phone (06) 348 9232. We recommend you contact Andersons to set up a charge account.

If you set up an Andersons account, uniform can be delivered to school. For junior students, we recommend buying in season to avoid growing out of items quickly. It is possible to buy as required, as deliveries can be made on the same day as required. However, fittings are important and every opportunity is available to discuss uniform requirements with Andersons.

Click here for images of correctly-worn uniform. 

Wanganui Collegiate School Uniform Lists

Spooners, 250 Victoria Avenue, Wanganui, is able to undertake all repairs and labelling for Wanganui Collegiate School.
Labelling – you will need to deliver your uniform items to Spooners and pay directly at a cost of $1 per item (items need to be clean for labelling). If purchasing new uniform, Andersons can arrange labelling for you and the items can either be delivered back to School or collected from Spooners. This cost will be added to your Boarding Account.

Footwear must be worn at all times outside of dormitories.
House hats or white sunhats must be worn while watching/playing summer sport. Sunglasses are optional.
Jewellery is not allowed whilst in uniform. This includes earrings, ear studs, tongue studs and any other visible body piercing studs.
In wet weather, School jackets/anorak will be worn or umbrellas used.
Scarves may be worn only with jerseys, shoes and socks and never inside buildings.
Sports dress, e.g. fleece tops, may not be worn with ordinary day uniform.

Hair must be clean tidy and well groomed at all times. The Headmaster will be the final arbiter of a reasonable hair style.
No extreme styles (shaved, dreadlocks etc.)
No dyed hair

No shorter than No.3
Not long enough to touch collar or cover eyebrows
Sideburns must end above where the lower part of the ear joins the head
Face must be clean-shaven at all times

Hair longer than collar length must be tied back using only blue or black tie-backs, clips, ribbons. 

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