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Day students play a full role in life at Wanganui Collegiate - the only difference is that they don't have a pillow!

Day students contribute fully to all that Wanganui Collegiate School has to offer, from the excellent academic education to sport, music, drama and extra-curricular activities. Day students are welcomed to Collegiate and benefit from the seven-day programme of teaching and activity that has been developed as part of our provision as a leading New Zealand boarding school.

This is so much more than what is available at a traditional day school, where the school day is limited and generally only five days a week. At Collegiate students have roll call in their Houses each morning, and leave at the end of each full and active day to return to their families, many choosing to stay and complete prep on site.

Each day student becomes a member of one of the boarding Houses so they play a full part in school life. They can also stay for the night if they want to through our casual boarding option. Under the Enrolment scheme with the Ministry of Education, our day student numbers are capped at 150.
For any enquiries regarding day enrolments please email