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Application Process & Enrolment Scheme

Application Forms

When applying to Wanganui Collegiate School the following documents are required for both day and boarding applications:

  • Registration Form
  • Signed Special Character Form (the second page of the Registration Form)
  • If applicable, proof of Special Character.  Proof is defined as a certificate of Anglican Baptism/Confirmation or evidence of a history of attendance at Anglican faith worship
  • Medical Form
  • Applicant’s ID: a copy of birth certificate or passport
  • Acceptable Use Agreement
  • Outdoor Education Blanket Consent Form
  • A copy of the applicant’s most recent school report

Applications are categorised into Preference and Non-Preference candidates with spots first filled by preference candidates.  For your child to be considered as a Preference candidate please include evidence of support of the Anglican Faith as outlined in the Special Character declaration.

Day Student Enrolments for 2018

The following is a summary of key dates for day student applicants:

Monday 7th February 2017 Applications for Day Enrolment Open   
Wednesday 25th February 2017 Open Night 7pm
Monday 20th March 2017 Day Enrolments close at 12noon
Friday 31st March 2017 All applicants notified no later than this date

Review of Applications

All day applications will be reviewed during the week beginning 21 March 2017 and the Preference Committee will approve those applicants meeting the required criteria. Preference candidates will then be considered for a place according to WCS Enrolment Scheme and places allocated according to the priority as outlined in the scheme. The approved WCS Enrolment Scheme includes the WCS Area of Reasonable Convenience.  Please note, evidence of your residential address may be required.

Non Preference candidates will be considered if the number of available places exceeds the number of approved Preference candidates.

All applicants will be notified of status no later than Friday 31 March 2017.  Families with an offer of admissions are required to confirm acceptance within 7 days.

Boarding Enrolments for 2018

For those who wish to apply for 2018 Boarding positions, please be advised that interest is high for 2018 and early registration is advised.

For more information on day and boarding applications, please contact