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In addition to the school-based subjects offered at Collegiate, students have the opportunity to opt for courses run through external providers and to gain work experience in their chosen career path. This option is available for Year 12 and 13 students. All these courses are offered through additional funding made available through being an integrated school, e.g. no additional course costs except personal gear and take home materials.
Selection for these courses will be at the discretion of the Deputy Headmaster.

The purpose of Gateway is to enable schools to provide senior students with opportunities to access structured workplace learning that has:

  • a formalised learning arrangement set in the workplace
  • specified knowledge and skills that a student will attain
  • specified assessment methods (workplace learning).

At Wanganui Collegiate School GATEWAY is offered as a Year 13 option. It will be integrated into a student's timetable with supervised GATEWAY study periods, to make sure the theory component is complete and work experience which will either be a half or whole day for a sustained length of time. E.g. Every Monday or Monday afternoon.

GATEWAY has run successfully in 2017 with students involved in Building, Healthcare and Radio. It can be used for a large range of occupations and will be developed around the needs of each students. It is important to note it is a school subject, therefore students must commit for the year. 

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