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The subjects which you choose as you progress through secondary school may have a bearing on your future. They may govern the further academic paths which are open to you at university and also your prospects for employment, but these may not be the only reasons for your choices. Students often choose subjects because they seek knowledge, have interest or simply just for enjoyment. Whatever the reason you should certainly think very carefully and try to have a plan; if you fail to plan then you plan to fail.

This directory of subjects is designed to help you plan, but it is not your only source of help. There are a lot of experienced people to whom you can turn for advice. Your subject teachers, your House Staff, your Academic Tutor, the Careers Advisor and the Deputy Headmaster know a great deal about this matter and they will be happy to give you more details than are possible in a booklet such as this. You must also be sure to consult your parents and other caregivers; they are people who may know your interests, abilities and future needs.

A wide range of subjects is offered to you, with few restrictions on the combinations that may be chosen; the choice is often not easy. Some subjects, and many tertiary courses, have entry requirements and this is a very good reason to plan ahead so that you have not closed too many doors to yourself. In the Senior School it is possible to choose subjects from those offered at any level during one year; this is called multi-level study and it has become more popular in recent years. You should try to keep your course as broad as you can within the overall framework which is offered, especially at Year 11.

At Year 12 & 13 we advise that you specialise in “two bands” of skill and knowledge sets to keep choices open, yet also develop breadth.
Choose wisely and have a vision of where you are going, then you will be able to cope well with the future. It will be far more important in the future to know how to think, rather than what to think. The world will need people who can adapt to several different jobs in their working lifetime as the pace of change continues to increase. You will need a background of good analytical and creative thinking skills, and we hope that this booklet assists you to prepare for your exciting future.
Scientia est potentia; knowledge is power.

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