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Careers at Collegiate

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The aims of the Careers Department: 

  • To provide through education, guidance, counselling and information, the best opportunities for our students to explore fully the many career pathways available to them.
  • To equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to make informed decisions about careers, occupations and life roles and to assist them in arranging the transition from school to adult and working life.

Careers Centre:
At times throughout their school life, students are encouraged to meet with the Careers Advisor to discuss future career pathways and to make full use of the software programmes available to them in their search for the right career choice.

  • All Year 10 will be seen prior to submission of the option form with follow up in the Tutor sessions.
  • All Year 11 students will have an option presentation and will be interviewed by key staff.
  • All Year 12 will have an option presentation and then follow up in the Tutor sessions.
  • All Year 13 have a range of presentations on Tertiary and future pathways, held on a regular basis.
  • These cover presentations from tertiary providers, trades, study link and career development.

There is no cost to students for careers. Choosing future pathways is very important for our students. 90% of graduates qualify to attend University. Parents and wider family are strongly encouraged to become involved in the next stage of learning of children. Please ask for further advice about the actions you may take.

Vocational Pathways:
NZQA learners are able to access their vocational profile from the NZQA website. These pathways match the standards they have achieved against five broad sectors – Social and Community Service, Manufacturing and Technology, Construction and Infrastructure, Service Industries and Primary Industries.